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Choose the type of adventure you are interested in.

Our classes cater to all levels of experience and interest. Whether you are a beginner looking to have your first experience on the water or an experienced class 4 boater seeking to improve your creek boating skills, we will get you where you want to be.

Our instructors have collectively taught thousands to kayak / SUP and are certified by the American Canoe Association, certified in advanced First Aid/CPR or higher, and have been trained in swift water rescue. They are passionate about building confidence,skill and FUN for everyone on the water while growing the local paddling community.

Anyone on the water needs to learn proper techniques to advance quickly with safety and skill. Don’t learn bad habits! Help yourself and increase the safety of others around you by learning the right techniques (or un-learning the wrong ones).

Classes accommodate all skill levels and can serve as a refresher course or an introduction to new skills. For beginners, the safest learning progression begins with an experienced  instructor on flat water, then advances to moving water on a river. Intermediate and advanced classes start on moving water.

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