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Lake & touring paddling skills development

Touring / Lake Kayaking

For Touring / Lake boaters, the safest learning progression begins with an experienced instructor in a controlled environment.  Anyone on the water needs to learn proper techniques to advance quickly with safety and skill. Don’t learn bad habits! Help yourself and the safety of others around you by learning the right techniques.

 Into to Touring 401: (No Prerequisite)                                                                                                                   $149.00

In the Intro to Touring 401 course you will be taught basic skills, equipment knowledge, and safety awareness. Basic skills include proper stroke technique, turning and maneuvering your kayak, and gearing up / outfitting for self-supported trips.<<Sign Up Now >>

Intermediate Touring 402: (Prerequisite: Introto Touring 401 or equivalent)                                      $159.00

In the Intermediate Touring  402 course we will take all of the techniques and skills learned in Intro to Touring 401 to the next level. Skills include intermediate stroke techniques, staying upright in turbulent water, the mechanics of the roll, and re-entering your boat in open water (paddle float and rescue sling).<<Sign Up Now >>


Advanced Touring 403: (Prerequisite: IntermediateTouring 402 or equivalent)                                 $169.00

In the Advanced Touring 403 course you will be taught advanced level touring skills (including offshore). Skills include advanced racing stroke techniques, using a wing paddle, how touse a tow tether, assisted rescue in open water, and advanced rolling techniques for fully loaded boats. <<Sign Up Now >>



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