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Equipment rental rates & Info

Do you want to demo the latest gear to help you make a purchase decision? Or need equipment for your next backcountry ski adventure?  Maybe you are looking for cool toys to add some fun into your next family vacation, or just have a free afternoon in Denver and want to have some fun…We've got the toys for your adventurous ploys.

We rent the quality gear to fit your needs! Rent with confidence! We take great pride in our rental fleet and keep it current with the latest high end gear available.  We perform the proper maintenance so that you can enjoy your adventures with fewer frustrations and mishaps.  Rest assured that it’s the same gear we sell in our retail store and not some cheap knock-off rental fleet that been abused for the last 5 seasons

We offer short & long term rentals and cover anything from a single rental item to outfitting an entire group with rental gear, delivery, and/or instruction. Just click on the type of rental item below to see gear options and pricing: 

Kayak / Boat / Tube

Standup Paddleboard   

Ski / Backcountry


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