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Services For Skiers & Boarders - We've upgraded our Winter services and shop!

Our ski & snowboard service is a sharp choice!  We employ the latest grinding technology and old fashioned hand work to bring you the smoothest ride.  Tuning up your equipment will improve your performance on the slopes and make your boards last longer.  Damaged bases or those that are not flat can make your boards handle unpredictably.  Sharp edges with a precise bevel will initiate turns more easily and hold on when the conditions are firm.  A proper base structure will provide better glide and and hold wax longer.  Waxing with a temperature appropriate wax will protect the base and increase your glide.  Finally  buffing the bases and polishing the edges provdes provides the fastest and smoothest ride. 

You will appreciate our ski and snowboard services because we tune your boards like they are ours.   We deliver quick turns on a quick turn around with guaranteed satisfaction.  Here is how we do it:

  • We will correctly evaluate how much work your skis/ boards need and reccomend the right tune
  • We strive to minimize grinding passes to extend the life of your equipment
  • We use conditions appropriate structures and can perform custom base structure
  • We apply temperature appropriate wax with a hand iron/ hand finish.
  • You will be satisfied, or we will do it again until you are.
  • Your tune/ service will be finished when promised or no charge.

Winter Service Menu

Quick Tune     $29
AKA: Edge and Wax
For skis with minor damage Bevel, sharpen & finish edges.
Hot Wax Ironed In, scraped and polished.

Power Tune      $39
For boards with base and edge damage, or not flat.
We'll prep and rebase gouges and scratches.
Stone grind Flat for concave/ convex.
Belt grind Base/ Side bevel.
Stone Structure Base.
Hand Finish and Detune.
Hot wax Ironed in, scraped and polished.

Premium Tune     $49
This is the Power Tune on Overdrive.
For boards with significant base and edge damage.
Full rebase of running surface and weld deep gouges.
Stone grind Flat.
Belt grind Base/ Side bevel.
Stone Structure Base.
Hand Finish and Detune.
Hot wax Ironed in, scraped and polished.

Other Ski & Snowboard Services

Hot Wax and finish -     $20
Stone Grind Only -         $20
Core shot/ Major Base Repair - $10/ inch
Topsheet Delam - $10-20
Tele/ AT Binding Mount - $39

Ski Remount Fee - $10
Climbing skins Trim and setup - $25
Climbing skins Reglue labor - $99